The New Aesthetic

We can’t work or operate outside of the ‘spectacle’ – the dictation of our everyday lives by commerce and capitalism – so we have to work with it.

The ‘new aesthetic’ as it can be referenced is the visualisation of ‘glitch imagery’. It is the visual and auditory appreciation and deliberate utilisation of technology that is non-functioning to create art that reflects this description; it is “busted” in the sense that it should not be working, or is ‘glitchy’ or pixilated or simply static.

Glitch imagery, movement and sound are compelling to an audience because it wants to be questioned. Whilst the artwork itself may not require a deeper meaning or hidden narrative, the audience takes an interest in what is going on and wants to make sense of it. Andy Warhol, however, explained that the look of such artworks do not always require a deeper meaning as the audience would like to believe. It can be just the look of the surface that is important as it is the superficial level of the artwork that society is interested in after all. Everything beyond the level of superficiality is incomprehensible.

For example, the YouTube video created by Jason Salavon entitled The Late Night Triad (2003) (below) features episodes of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and Late Show with David Letterman layered upon one another to create a ghosting effect that portrays each instalment of the series’ as being presented in the same format. This is what we as an audience understand from the remix itself, but it is only at the surface level. What is beyond this is beyond comprehension.


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