Free Culture and Creative Commons

Society is locked into “…a period of intensifying belief in private ownership, to the detriment of the public good” – a time of copyright legislation and the criminalisation of remix culture. Free culture, however, is an ideology and social movement put forward by academic and political activist Lawrence Lessig that promotes the supplement, sharing, modification and remixing of published creative artworks as free content. Lessig’s movement is a belief that culture is inherently free, and not owned or “permission based” as is imposed with the enforcement of copyright laws.

A further movement by Lessig, is Creative Commons, wherein licenses are issued to creators (the process of which is completely free and online) who wish to permit the “sharing” of their work under various conditions. Lessig’s creative commons justifies the ideology of free culture, providing and promoting the means for innovators to distribute their work online and allow it to be appropriated, whilst still retaining an extent of control over their ‘original’ piece. It is the idea that creativity belongs BETWEEN people, rather than being possessed by an individual copyright holder, or society as a whole


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