In Focus: Video Art

Remixing videos can be done in a multitude of ways, and the aesthetic which is produced is dependent on the individual artist.

Israeli Musician Ophir Kutiel (known as Kutiman) experimented with YouTube videos in his project Thru You to create a raw album of seven tracks that showcase the musical passions of individuals who uploaded their recordings to the site.

Kutiman sourced segments of music from covers, instructional videos, and original music and artistically pieced it together to create a comprehensive track (see Mother of All Funk Chords above). He easily transformed a familiar medium, working with the original loops as they were uploaded, to create an album of easy listening tracks.

Singer/Songwriter Kawehi covers and records a capella style songs by expertly layering her voice from her home.

As with Kutiman, Kawehi utilises the methodology of building music. Both artists, similarly, begin with a beat – a drum loop – that allows for the layering of other sounds, and then for the spoken voice.

Australian producer and remix artist Pogo (Nick Bertke) samples his content and reproduces it with a real and distinct beat behind it.

The example of the video Pogo Does Dexter (above), really makes evident the artist’s style of remix. He breaks up vocal samples so it becomes sound as opposed to spoken words, and layers it with chords and sound effects from (in this case) the television show Dexter to create commercial content that provides for successful promotion. Pogo’s work showcases the narrative being expressed.

Each of the featured artists explored, furthermore, possess some extent of integrity to where their remixes have come from. Kutiman provided credits with links to each YouTube video he sourced, Kawehi acknowledges when her uploads are covers, and Pogo works with the licensees of the content he is using.


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