Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy – Lawrence Lessig (2008)

From this reading, the comment, or rather, Lessig’s ideology in regards to remix culture, is one that I too have found myself believing:

We need “to craft a copyright system that nurtures the full range of creativity and collaboration the internet enables: one that builds upon the economic and creative opportunity of hybrids [commercial and sharing economies] and remix creativity; one that decriminalises the offence of being a teen” [a part of this generation embodied in technological advances].

To put it simply, the world needs to reform copyright legislation to adapt to and decriminalise the common behaviour of our contemporary society. We need to allow for the incentives copyright provides for creators to produce new works that would otherwise not have been published, whilst encouraging (as technology and the internet do) amateurs and recreational users to create and spread art differently to how it was created and spread beforehand.


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